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The Who and Why of Social Marketing February 9, 2011

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Who Uses Social Networking Sites?

• Social networks provide an opportunity to create more interactive experiences with customers and prospects. Social networks can help humanize a brand.
• Sites like MakeOutClub.com are built around the social activities of users, and so for brand advocates in particular, it is not only easy to embrace and promote a brand, but it’s encouraged.
• Although users are concerned about online social networks becoming over-commercialized, according to Forrester, a significant percentage of users show interest in engaging with their FAVORITE brands. Again, this points to the importance of brand advocates within social networks.

Why Social Networking Sites Work?

• Customers: There is a growing need, and the customer demographic is expanding. People are finding use in communicating and keeping up to date with friends and family through the tools that social networking sites provide

• Brands: Social Networks help humanize a brand, which consumer actively seek

• Industry: Companies are increasingly investing more of their marketing dollars into creating a presence on social networking sites.

• As companies recognize the value of social networks and advertising opportunities within them continue to grow, marketing spending in this channel increases significantly.

• In this Jupiter survey of companies with revenue of +$500 MM, more than half expect social marketing budgets to grow by greater than 10% next year.


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