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About Us

Social Marketing Made Affordable

Social Media Marketing by professionals for professionals (B2B) at a fraction of the average rate.  

Social Market Now was created by David Pettersen and Hannah Rosner to provide professional social media marketing at an affordable cost for any business, pricing our customized marketing campaign packages an average of 40% lower than our competitors.

After nearly two decades of marketing and management experience, we at Social Market Now understand that time and money are the common impediments to engaging in social marketing on your own or finding professionals to provide a quality social marketing campaign.

In the expanding social media market the necessity for a professional marketing campaign is more important than ever for any business and your customers are already there looking for your business.  Do you want your business handled by “hobbyists” or professionals with practical experience in marketing, SEO, SEM, and web design & maintenence?

Our focus at Social Market Now is to provide professional social media marketing for your business and peace of mind for you while you have the valuable time to run your business.

Peace of mind in knowing that Social Market Now has your customized marketing campaign well in hand and cared for adhering to the diligence and required time, consistency and attention to detail, as well as ongoing and in-depth research into the social media market to keep ahead of the market trends and run your campaign in the ever evolving market.

Benefits of social marketing with Social Market Now include:

The social media clock is ticking.  Are customers talking about your business? Let’s make that happen together.  Social Market Now!

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