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Etsy & Artfire Specialty Markets

Social Market Now is available to set-up and manage your Etsy & Artfire shops.  We are always working to find new ways to make your life easier.

If you are a creative person looking for more time to what it is that love to do most, we offer services in Etsy and Artfire Shop Management.

Running your Etsy and Artfire Shop can be time consuming as well, leaving you little time to do what you really love to do with your valuable time.

We will manage your Etsy and Artfire stores for you so you can use your time to create your handmade pieces knowing that your store is being well tended to on a daily bases.

You provide the content, photos, and info and we will take care of the rest, giving you back more precious time needed to do what keeps you in business doing what you love.  Imagine what you could do if you had more time in a day to do more of what you love to do; create your handmade pieces.  Some artists and crafters could double their business.Along with set-up of your shop, handling your listings and renewals for you, and monitoring your day to day tab hits, we will focus on listing and renewing your items at targeted intervals in the primetime buyer viewing and sales window so your store gets the most out  of its selling potential.  The best part is that you can focus on your craft and art knowing that your site is being optimized everyday.

And if you have a Facebook and Twitter account, we’ll even post and tweet people in the direction of your Etsy and/or Artfire store while publishing your item photos and linking on Linked In.  If you do not have existing FB and Twitter accounts, we will create them for you.

The only thing you’ll be left with is the fun stuff – representing your brand, and maintaining your Paypal account and the increased earnings from your hard work.  The time consuming grunt work passes to us, done just the way you like it.

Are you ready for increased hits to your Etsy store, more customers, and more sale; as well as more time to increase your creative productivity for even more earnings?

Visit http://www.etsyallies.com to view our new and low priced packages for our Etsy store services.

Call Hannah for details at 740-739-7054

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